Pool Safety Tips


Drowning is a leading, but preventable cause of death for children under the age of five.

Follow these basic water safety tips in and around pools and spas:

  • Never go into the water alone. Make sure an adult or parent is present. Supervising children reduces the risk of accident and improves reaction time.

  • Learn how to swim; it’s fun and good exercise. Formal swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning, especially in children ages 1-4 years old.

  • Do not play or swim near drains, pipes and other openings in pools and spas. Maintain secure covers over pool equipment. If you see a broken, loose, or missing drain cover, notify a Lifeguard, management, or the nearest adult.

  • Lock doors, windows, pet doors, and gates leading to backyard pool or spa. Also keep keys out of reach of small children.

  • Keep a phone handy and use it in the pool area only when you need to call for help.

  • Mark the deep and shallow ends of the pool.

  • Always remove floats and toys from the pool when you finish swimming to prevent tempting young ones from reaching into pools.

  • Post CPR instructions in your pool area. Familiarize yourself with them. Consider taking a CPR course.

  • Store a pole with a shepherd’s hook near the pool to use for lifesaving purposes.

Pay attention to kids (even those with experience swimming) the ENTIRE time they are around water. A child can drown in as little as 2 inches of water.