Pool and Spa Inspections


Leaving a pool as an “unanswered question” can be the undoing of a sale and unnecessary emotional concern.

$200.00 – Hire the qualified guys at Clear Blue Pool Supply to inspect your pool before you sign over that final payment on your new pool. Or if you are buying a house with a pool, let us inspect it before you sign on the dotted line!!  A brand new pool could have significant deficiencies due to poor application techniques or other problems that may have gone unnoticed. The electrician might have been the “neighbor” instead of the pool contractor. Significant code changes could occur putting you in financially jeopardy with potential (and expensive) safety infractions. All parties benefit from peace of mind provided by a certified pool inspection.

CpsoAlthough thoughts of fun in the sun may have you jumping in to buy a home, a full pool inspection helps determine what lurks beneath the surface. As a certified CPO pool inspector let us help you help identify potential hazards and recommended repairs. We provide you with a full written pool inspection report you can then present to the other party in your transaction.

Many buyers assume a home inspection covers the pool, but it rarely does.  Even if they offer pool inspections, many home inspectors are not certified to evaluate a pool.  Most home inspection reports even include a disclaimer covering the pool.  The buyer knows, rather than suspects, potential pool issues and can more easily move forward with their purchase. For buyers, a simple pool inspection that costs $200.00 may end up providing leverage at the bargaining table.

For sellers who hire us to inspect before they go live on the market, we assist in handling potential objections by recommending repairs before centering into a contract which benefits them. An in-depth pre-inspection allows the seller to correct deficiencies, present the pool in more positive manner, anticipate necessary negotiations, and take care of minor problems in a leisurely manner.

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