The coolest underwater hotels in the world

By Amanda Stanford

According to Conde Nast, these awesome hotels offer a completely different take on a sea-side vacation. From those already in existence to those just breaking ground (is that even the correct term here?), check out marine life from this angle and your kids may have an escalated interest in becoming marine biologists!

One question though, how does this work for someone who isn’t quite sure if they are claustrophobic?

I used to be afraid of almost nothing until a scuba dive experience in Thailand left me face-to-face (albeit at least 40 feet away) from a black tip shark. No, thank you. Oh and that “so cool” (according to my friend) school of barracuda above us only added to my need to get out of the water and lose the tank. Since then, I’m wondering if the effects have lingered. At Disney World, I had to really talk myself through the space shuttle ride to keep from freaking out. How does that happen later in life? And by later I mean, obviously young.

Regardless, I do wonder…

What do you think? Great escape or need to escape?

Outlaw's at Al Mahara, at Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab has a floor ceiling aquarium

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